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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shoes and Chandeliers

I have always adored shoes and have owned some pretty wild ones over the course of my life.

My love of shoes found it's way onto a Chandelier...yes, a Chandelier...or more likely a 

"Shoedelier" as I like to call it.

Photography done by my great friend Claire Brocato.

I am incredibly honored to have my "Shoedelier" featured in this Month's Stampington Issue of
Somerset Home.  Thank you Beth for being the most wonderful Editor to work with!!!

Available online from Stampington...



Rita said...

Congratulations Pricipessa! and many more

Gypsy Jamie said...

Omg, that is SOOO Adorable i love it!!
xxoo jamie

gretchen said...

Totally amazing piece, Love it!

Claire Brocato Photography said...

Your creativity knows no boundaries, Lisa...this is a masterpiece and I feel honored that I was able to photograph it. Congrats my friend!

donna said...

Now that is fabu-ness!!! (I can't help it>FabShoeNess) (grin)

Sue said...

How create and how cool to be in the magazine. I headed to Borders after work today. I need to stock up on my magazines and this, for sure, is on my list!

Take care, Sue

sandra lee said...

That is the funnest piece of art ever...YOU ROCK!!!

jackieb said...

It "" the most beautiful chandelier I have ever seen....fantasical.....It knocked my socks off.....kudos!!!!

Sue Jack said...

What a fun way to let your dinner guests "take a walk on the wild side" while dining on your favorite sole food!

Lisa Loria said...

You gals are all hilarious!!!
Thank you so much for the clever words and compliments!

MUCH love and HUGS!


Irma@CosasBellas said...

Don't you mean heel-arious Lisa? LOL

But it REALLY is shoe-perb!!!

What an incredible artist you are!

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh yippeeee! Huge congrats. What fun!

Sissy Dre said...

Hi Lisa ~ Whow...... AWESOME ~~~~~ To Cool ~ Maybe sometime in the future perhaps a class/???/ <3 ~ Outstanding creativity you have girl <3 Much Love to you always ~ Andrea

Beth said...

I still absolutely love this and want one in my closet. When I get a huge closet, one day. And one in my bedroom, of course! ITs so stunning! Thanks for sharing : )

Lisa Loria said...

Thanks Ladies!
I want to make one for my house too!
Beth, when you get that BIG walk in closet, we will make one!

Lifeations said...

Hello! I love your Shoedelier! I saw it in the magazine and I said O MY I LOVE IT!! Can I share your pic of it and your blog name on my blog?