Re-purposed Baubles For the Vintage Soul.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye Bye Bling

I have decided to close out the business "Vintage Bling".
Several friends have said they think of me as "Lisa Loria",
not Vintage Bling. As I am shifting gears out of re-purposing
Vintage jewelry and returning to my roots in painting and sculpting,
it is logical that I start a new blog.

So, if you want current updates on what I am doing...visit me here...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going Carnie!!!

It has been re-do, re-do, re-do around here.
Learning new techniques, turned my studio inside out,
Gave my cottage which was basically overflow...
(you know, out of sight, out of mind???)

Well, no more.  This weekend at the Chateau de Fleurs I am selling LOTS
of baggies of STUFF, LOADS of jewelry components, Vintage Pearls and other necklaces,
fabric, Garden elements, old Linens,
Studio organization pieces, chandeliers, etc, etc.

On top of that, My entire Line of current jewelry, 
over 100 pieces are being reduced in price to MOVE.
Time for me to move into my new art forms...
OVER it!!!

Sold my pretty Canopy and decided to use up some super cool fabric, embroidery and linens that 
I have been hoarding. Since Moulin Rouge is one of my Favorite all time movies, my canopy is very reflective of the style of that era, mixed with a little Carnie and Gypsy...

On top of this, I wanted a OLD steamer trunk...It is my JUNK Trunk,
where at each show, I will bring you super duper deals on STUFF!

This trunk screamed at me from where it was up on a shelf in an Antique store...
"Buy me, buy me it taunted"
Can you believe that color??? It is actually not quite this orange...
It is my newest LOVE!!!
Swear I was a Gypsy in a former life.

Also coming for the ride to this show are some SUPER funky new display pieces I picked up...Oh My.

I LOVE CHANGE...come on down to the Sale and shop from all of the wonderful vendors there,
Always friendly, amazing treasures and fabulous prices as well!!!!

Sneak peak of what I am painting signs for my NEW style
and new business name...
Vintage Bling is going Bye Bye...


Friday, September 10, 2010

FINALLY Done...almost!!!!

I have been frighfully blogfully remiss or is it
woefully remiss at my bloggingness?
At any rate, my world has been full of changes of late, personally, living space wise
as well as professionally.

I am one of those weird creatures that LOVES change...Can't stand still.

Is that grass growing beneath my creative feet??  Gotta move.

So, had wild ideas for a new work surface in my Studio, then maybe I won't take over the kitchen counters and the dining room table when in creative High Gear...(my family hopes at least)
The space is BIG, my ceilings are vaulted from 8 ft on one side of the room up to about an 18-20 foot ceiling, this was the side that my work area was being modified.

I sold my bookcase and armoire and set upon the task of creating a workbench from old doors and sawhorses.  The sawhorses were from harbor freight, ya know...great prices, LOTS of nuts and bolts.
After a few hour of assembling I set up my doors on the saw horses.
NOPE, hated it!
That idea crashed and burned spectacularly.

Onto plan "B".

Found this really cool table that in it's previous life had a steel ironing board bolted to the top, complete with a hot plate for an iron and an arm to keep the cord well out of reach.
I could only envision some poor sweating woman in a work apron chained to this torture device, ironing hours a day for a living.  I dismantled the beast and thought it perfect for a sewing table, especially with the measuring tape conveniently painted on the front.

The bookcase came from inside the cottage and it has been a very functional storage unit.

Well, that idea crashed and burned also.

Scratching my head...
"Maybe it is just stress, what is wrong with me?  Typically my ideas pan out pretty well."
My BFF said to me, "Wow, you are having a Brain were overdue"
She agreed my Plans A & B sucked.

As I was whining to my friends Lori and Jamie, they suggested I come over to their house and check out some of their treasures that I might be able to work into my space.

Thank GOD for feathered friends.

The Base is a, I don't know what the heck in a previous life.
A Buffet/Counter/Desk, with a locking cabinets and a metal lined file drawer.
Loved that it was 36 inches tall like my other two pieces in the Studio.
Purchased from Jamie.

Antique door painted with chalkboard paint. 
Victorian Corbels from Lori.
The backsplash became the peak above the shelf.
The Antique porcelain doorknob is still attached to the wood from the door it came from,
cut out and so perfectly acts as tiny support for the shelf above. It also covers the hole in the 
chalkboard door from the previous doorknob.
Thank goodness Rob helped me execute this plan as it is a really large piece and cumbersome to assemble and hang.

Then, the icing on the cake.
My friend Rita made this fabulous little table of vintage card file drawers from an old library.

Remember kiddies, back in the days before computers and the internet, we had to spend hours at the library looking in the card files. When Rita posted a pic of this piece on her blog a few weeks back, I knew I had to have it.  It was to be my coffee table.

Today I trekked to Fallbrook to deliver some goodies to Christie's house for our Chateau de Fleurs show next weekend.  I arrive and am greeted by Rita, Lori and Christie...three of my Four feathered friends.
Driving home, I realize that the piece from Rita might very well fit under my new work station...
and it did!!!

With the help of my Feathered Friends, my new workstation is a DREAM!!!
Still need something from Christie to complete it...
Love you ladies!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Studios Re-Do

As many of you know and as is the same for many of you, my Studio is part of my home.
For me, my studio is broken into three locations...
my family room, one side of the garage and a tiny cottage in the back yard.

While I really need the garage space for the dirtier part of my job, metal working, re-wiring, cutting baby dolls in half...and my inside studio which is suppose to be the Family Room is also super vital and my most favorite space with high a high ceiling, view of the garden and where sounds of my fountain and pond waterfall come flowing in.
The tiny cottage however darling, is the least efficient and basically serves as overflow.

This girl is tired of overflow and is streamlining the Cottage
is being emptied and it's contents sold or blended into my current Studio.

So here is a pic of one corner of my Studio...

The armoire and GORGEOUS bookshelf are going Bye-bye...

Also for sale will be a couple really cute vintage end tables, a Italian tole chandelier, antique hand painted mirror and various bric-brack that I think will accompany me to the Chateau de Fleurs sale in 17 days...or you can come shop at my home if you like!

Seriously...I need to contain my space...look at my dining room table and couch right now...Sheesh!

The armoire and bookcase are up for sale on Craigslist and I also posted them on Face Book.
$250 for the armoire and $150 for the bookcase which is solid walnut underneath, 
(yea, I should never have painted that one)
  Reasonable offers will not be ruled out either.

Any takers, email me.
Killer pieces, just not working for me any more.

I have something better suited to my current needs in mind and as soon as these pieces are gone, I will post pics of the new area...wait until you see it!!!

Happy Creative Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, August 30, 2010

PMC Certification

I had an amazingly fulfilling past three days.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday was spent in San Juan Capistrano at
There I participated with 6 other artists in a 
PMC Level One Certification Program administered through

Our wonderful instructor was Patrik Kusek.
Patrik is a Senior Level Instructor with Rio Grande and a very accomplished artist.
He was a joy to learn from.

I'll share with you some pics of my projects.
I think I love my Pen the best, but really each project was very thoughtful in its teaching us the multiple applications of this very versatile medium.
 This little beastie is called a Tetrahedon...or as otherwise referred to as the Tetra-Heathen.
Mine was nicknamed Tetra-MONSTER.  Seriously, I almost failed Geometry in High School and had to have a tutor to be able to pass...need I say more???
It truly tested multiple skills and was in the end invaluable.
Remember folks...made out of 99.9% pure silver CLAY, mitered corners and bevels, fired in a kiln...then polished and polished and polished.  It is one of those projects that you question, why the heck am I torturing myself, only to finish it and have the deepest sense of pride that you were able to do it.

I have very little experience with Metal Clay, so was a bit fearful that I was ill prepared for this level of instruction.  I did pretty well though, thanks to growing up sculpting ridiculously small things for my dolls and creating jewelry and figurines out of polymer clay almost 20 years ago.

 The below link takes you to my other blog and a story about these figurines.

I am on my way and totally motivated to continue my education in this medium, reach new levels and teach it as well as sell finished pieces.

Thank you Patrik for your tutelage and for sharing your art and craft with us!
Thank you Cindy for an amazing studio to work in, for the yummy lattes and snacks, your fabulous stamps and now I am adding pen plater to my list of tools needed for my studio!

Hugs All!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art is meant to be shared

Yesterday was my first official Bling Baby class at Gilding the Lily 
in Fullerton.  This is a Vintage Jewelry/Millinery/Trim Girls Candy Store.
If you haven't ever been there, GO!  Nancy is the owner and is super nice and resourceful.
Dede runs the class schedule and is a doll to work with and quite the talented artist too!

I was so excited and a little nervous too, wanting to be sure I taught my class
proficiently and that my students would come away happy with some new "tools" to add to their 
creative work boxes.  Having taught Children art, teaching my peers did seem a little ominous.
Fortunately, I knew almost everyone in the class already and they were all so gracious and warm, any nervousness I had melted away the minute we started.

Each lady was given a pair or Blinged out Safety glasses, I mean, why not?
This is Tara's daughter IVY with her pair on...

The ladies were given two trays of vintage Bling and baubles to choose from to decorate their babies with, as well as three pages of written instructions to refer to at home.

Here are the ladies at various stages of production.

Stacey brought the most amazing vintage Italian lamp and her own blue velvet to match 
her Baby's eyes.  Darling!

Pearl cleverly used a large glass lamp part that was originally from a swag lamp,
she also used pale pink velvet ribbon and patiently wound it around the post.

Mother/Daughter duo Tara and Ivy...
They brought LOTS of their own Bling as Tara is a jewelry designer
and crazy vintage girl like all of us.

Cutting up Dolls.  I think a few of the ladies were not so sure about this part, like it was wrong, 
but gotta do it...

After cutting the dolls, we used a bench grinder to even things out.

Poor Marbi and Tara...they had matching dolls that they purchased from me and those babies were like LEAD...super thick and a bit more trying to cut through!

Stacey's doll was darling she used vintage bone china flowers from England
which complimented the porcelain flowers in that KILLER lamp base she had.
Very Nice!

Marbi wound lavender velvet ribbon around the base of her dolls waist, it was really pretty!
She is going to cover her post at home with vintage sheet music...Brilliant!

Mary brought several of the most beautiful Victorian porcelain doll heads, her
design is for her and hubby's 19th wedding anniversary next weekend.  There will be two
love birds at the base of her cage...Cute!

Barb was the Birthday Girl today, her friends Mary and Lisa surprised her with a beautiful cake that was just as yummy as it was pretty.  Barb's doll head is just a Cutie!
She wasn't so sure of the verdigris green cage she brought, but it matched her baby's eye perfectly and came together ever so well!

Can you say BLING???  Tara LOVES vintage sparkly rhinestones and her Baby had plenty.
She also repainted her dolly as she was pretty cracked up before.

Tara's girl was ever so Pink and it was fun to have a 17 year old in the group!
Their young perspective and twist on things is refreshing!
She did a little vignette at the base of the cage too!
The every so pretty Lisa, made this little GEM.  Love the butterfly in her hair and the very thoughtful placement of things.  She is going to bling her out some more at home...can't wait to see the pics, Lisa!

My friend Pearl.  She is a Gem.  No really, not just because of the name either.
Pearl's baby was sweet and soft, just like her.  The "Wisdom Dispenser" was a custom order Pearl placed with me several months ago.  Timing was right as one of my earlier "Wisdom Dispensers"
is photographed in the back of this Month's Sommerset Home magazine under my good Friend 
Claire Brocato's Photography section.

What a treat is was to spend the afternoon sharing my techniques with 8 wonderful ladies.
Art is meant to be shared and I really LOVE sharing it.
Thank you for spending part of your day with me and thank you Nancy and Dede for having me teach at your Wonderful Store!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Find

At the last show I sold at, I found this very cool and FuNkY HUGE floral tHiNgY~
It was all gold and I just LOVED it!!
Originally wall art, I believe...

So, what to do?  Well, in classic Lisa Style we add some color of course...

It originally had color underneath the gold that was peeking out at me, but despite, paint thinner and acetone (used separately of course), the gold was not going anywhere.

So, out came the paints.
Very happy with the outcome. 
Have more plans for it that I will share at a later date,
it might even accompany me to Glitterfest as part
of my display.

It now resides at the back of the workbench in my main workplace.

Happy Saturday!