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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


CHA was wonderful yesterday. I attended with 10 other amazing artists/friends.
We had lunch with Beth Livesay from Stampington Publications.
She is an absolute doll!

I also got to meet Jenny Doh, the previous Editor in Chief for Stampington who has gone out on her own to start
Another lovely lady, full of energy, inspiration and great heART and soul!

The displays were amazing as were the products.

One of my favorite little things I brought home was a tidbit of inspiration.
There was a fishbowl in one booth that had these little sayings printed on pink paper.
You were to just randomly grab one.
Mine read as follows...

This will now be posted on in my workspace to remind me that it does take courage to create art that reflects who we really are. 

I am simply an artist, showing you the world through my eyes.

Be FeArLeSs in your creativity!!!


literacy said...


This is Caitlyn (the one in the post in Sunny's blog - rubypearlslips). I wanted to thank you for the kind words you left for me and for your support/generosity, that was so unbelievably kind of you to take the time out to leave a comment and forward it to your friend's mom. Thank you so much for that, I appreciate it a lot. It really means a lot to me that people out there are reaching out who do not even know me. Thank you again.

I also wanted to tell you that I scrolled through this blog and another one of yours and you are so talented! I love "The Muse" you painted that is listed in your other blog 'The Winged Muse' - it is awesome!

Thank you again. Take really good care.


debi beard said...

where are the photos from CHA CHA CHA? did you forget your camera?

Coleen said...

just found you...can't remember how!1 but this is a fun blog...I will be back to see the pics of CHA!!!

Heart Hugs,